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Fixed-, Variable-Rate or Interest Only

360, 364, 365 Day Count

Variety of payment frequencies

  • Annual 1

  • Bi-Annual 2

  • Quarterly 4

  • Monthly 12

  • Bi-Monthly 24

  • Bi-Weekly 26

  • Weekly 52

  • Daily 360

  • Daily 365

Option to select the advance date and first payment date

Add, edit or delete early, late, missed, extra or balloon payments

Assess late fees or additional payments

Edit actual loans, terms, variable interest rates

Edit the actual dates payments were made on. Payments can be irregular in amount and occurrence

This website is dedicated to providing feature-rich loan amortization software. Track the actual dates payments were made as well as fees or additional payments via notes.  Create and print invoice payments.

We can get you started with software right away!  Order online and the shopping cart will transmit instructions on how to activate the software.

You can download a FREE trial by clicking the FREE DOWNLOAD button at the top of this page. The software is $49.95 plus $7.95 for shipping (you can order just the downloadable version and omit shipping). Non-Arizona residents do not pay any sales tax.

Quickly generate a fixed-rate or interest only loan.  Common compounding periods and payment frequencies such as weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, or semi-annually, annually are available. Additional payments or balloon payments are easy to include. 

Software shows the principal balance remaining at the end of each period and the amount of each payment that is applied to principal and interest in actual dollar amounts. The accumulated days, interest, monthly payments and additional payments are listed at the bottom of the schedule.  Annual subtotals are shown as well.

You can change the date a payment was made, the payment itself, additional payment and interest rate.

Data entered may be stored/saved anywhere on your hard drive, to a shared network drive, or to external diskette for quick retrieval. You can export data directly to Excel or a CSV file format.


  • Sure-store client management system.

  • Calculate quick "What-ifs"

  • Export to Excel via space, tab or comma delimited format.
  • FREE Live updates within first year from date of purchase.
  • FREE Technical Support within first year from date of purchase.


  • Track early, late, missed, extra or balloon payments.

  • Assess late fees or additional payments.

  • Track actual loans, terms, variable interest rates.

  • Track the actual dates payments were made on. Payments can be irregular in amount and occurrence.

  • View plots and pie graphs.


  • Print on legal or letter size paper with any Windows supported printer.
  • Print single pages of long documents: Ideal for last minute revisions.
  • Print a cover page.
  • Print with header and footer text.
  • Preview forms on screen; zoom feature for hard to see areas.

Even if you are fortunate enough to pay upfront for your home or car, or to pay substantial down payment, you still may be better off to make a small down payment, take a sizable loan, and invest your funds in other ways. This decision depends on how favorable a loan you can negotiate and what alternative investment opportunities are available. This software is designed to help you analyze and compare loans.

We have a friendly and courteous staff that can resolve almost any support issue that might arise.

All of our software functions on any Windows operating system. The software has been tested on Windows 95, 98, 2000, NT, ME (millennium edition), XP, 2003, VISTA and Windows 7. The software functions on networks or stand-alone personal computers and is compatible with all printers.

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  FREE Amortization Table for a Fixed-Rate Loan (written in Javascript!):

The below online calculator will generate a table showing the division of each repayment by principal and interest, along with the outstanding loan balance after each payment has been made.  The calculation is based on a fixed-rate loan.

Number of Months of Loan Simple Interest Rate Total Amount of Loan
% $


We have more FREE online calculators that perform various personal finance and mortgage calculations. Each calculator requires a java script enabled browser.

If you have any comments or ideas for new calculators, please drop us an e-mail at at any time.


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