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Unearned Interest Online Calculator
FREE Online Calculator

A borrower decides to pay off a closed-end loan earlier than originally scheduled.  The amount by which the finance charge is reduced is the unearned interest.

This software calculates unearned interest using the actuarial method and the rule of 78. Very useful program!

Actuarial Method

You borrow $4,000 to purchase office equipment. The loan contract states an APR of 12.9% and stipulates 28 monthly payments of $166.20 each. You decide to pay the loan in full at the time of the 19th payment. The unearned interest (the amount by which the original finance charge is reduced, that is, the amount of interest you will save) is $77.32. You must pay $1,584.67 to pay off the loan.


Type in the loan amount, annual interest rate and term of loan.  Then hit the calculate button.






Actuarial Method Calculator
Regular monthly payment 
Total number of payments  %
Current payment number
Annual Percentage Rate (APR)

Finance charge per $100
Unearned interest
Payoff amount

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